New Office? How a Shipping Container Can Boost Worker Morale

Shipping drives the world economy. In the UK alone, it accounts for more of the GDP than restaurants, takeaway food, and civil engineering combined. At this moment, there are more than 20 million containers crossing the world, holding all kinds of goods, from hairbrushes to medical equipment. In fact, you’ve probably already used something today that’s traveled in one of those iconic boxes.

Shipping container officesThe standard size, durable material and basic structure of shipping containers makes them great for re-purposing. Many people have caught on to this new trend by refurbishing shipping containers into micro-homes, backyard guest houses, country cabins, day cares, or impromptu studios. One great use for these versatile building blocks is as a mobile office container.

While overcrowding an office can seem like an efficient use of space and resources, it can have serious, detrimental effects on a staff’s health, retention, and morale. A recent study of more than 2,400 workers found that as the number of workers in a single room went up, so did the number of employees who took sick leave.

Portable office containers give employees more space, without making it necessary to spend a lot of money on relocating or finding additional office space. Looking for used steel storage containers for sale presents a cheaper, more convenient, and extremely innovative way to retain employees.

Since portable shipping containers are essentially blank slates, refurbishing one for your office use has endless possibilities — business specific elements can be added, and the layout can be based on the aspects employees want and need.

Since the unit is completely mobile, it also has the added bonus of moving where your business needs it. In the digital age of instant gratification, it may be the next big move for businesses to de-anchor their operations and bring them to the anchor. Think pop-up shops and tutorials, as well as valuable publicity stunts.

Don’t compromise the health and happiness of your employees by keeping them cooped up in a crowded office space. Look for used steel storage containers for sale and foster a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment for workers.

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