Make It Your Own: 3 Uses For Modified Shipping Containers

Sometimes a shipping container is just a large metal container used to move goods from one place to another. However, do you ever think about what happens to the containers after their shipping days are done? Considering that only 6 million are in use around the world, out of 17 million total, it’s fortunate there are many uses for these large metal boxes. A company that performs storage container modifications can likely do you or your company a lot of good. Below is a list of uses for re-purposed office containers.

1. Homes

If you are a first time home buyer looking for an affordable, unique option, there is nothing more unique than living in a re-purposed shipping container. If you are looking to get away from the typical suburban home, a re-purposed shipping container will allow you to blaze your own trail. Office containers can provide you with all this, without having to shell out the money necessary for a normal residence. Also, maybe you are looking to downsize, are tired of paying a big mortgage payment, or own a vacant lot where you would like a second home. Instead of hiring a builder or realtor to find/construct you a smaller home, consider a re-purposed shipping container. Also, if you own or work for a nonprofit that builds homes for the poor, re-purposed shipping containers would be perfect, as you would be providing housing while also recycling.

2. Portable Office Space

There are lots of businesses that require a mobile office space. Maybe you are a contractor who does jobs all over your area or a home renovator who travels from town to town. Perhaps you own a bait and tackle shop, and fishing is better at certain parts of the lake during the different seasons. Used shipping containers can be perfect for these business ventures. Even if your business does not need to be portable, shipping containers can still be the answer. High school concession stands, college spirit wear stores, disaster relief facilities, and more are some unique uses for storage containers that are re-purposed.

3. Storage Facilities

As many of the containers in question are storage containers, office containers can make the perfect storage unit. Take a 40-foot unit, for example. There would need to be four doors put on the front, and a few walls welded into the inside. After that, you have your storage unit, extremely secure. It takes minimal modification but can yield substantial gain, as you could get four separate renters for the storage container. They can also be used for single storage, giving a huge area to store whatever your company may need. Your contracting business could store all the tools necessary for a job, or all the lumber and other materials could be kept safe inside one of these containers.

Regardless of how you plan on using re-purposed office containers, you want to make sure to choose a company that does the best work. In New Jersey, Chicago, and Houston, Integrated Equipment Sales is the place to go.

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