Improve Your Sports Concession Stand This Season With These 3 Great Tips

Sports are a major part of American culture. Everything from NFL games to local amateur sporting events can draw major crowds and generate quite a buzz in the community.

If you are thinking about using the public’s love of sports to potentially make an extra buck or two, consider finding some portable concession stands, setting up shop outside the local sports venue, and let the hungry customers come to you.
Standard TEU Shipping containers

Standard TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) shipping containers

can hold approximately 3,500 shoe boxes, and 40-foot high cubes can even hold more than 8,000 shoe boxes — that’s a lot of product space for your portable concession stands.
Here are some tips for breaking into the sports concession industry and maximizing your revenue:

  • Start with healthy foods — When most people think of a sporting event, they typically don’t think about healthy foods — but that’s exactly why you should offer them some healthier options. Rather than serving up the same hot dogs and popcorn that every other vendor has, consider offering your customer some healthier foods to really stand out.
  • Let your customers design their own plate — Conventional made-to-order food servings can work fine and be effective, but if you give you your customers a little creativity and control, they will likely be much more excited about doing business with your portable concession stand.
  • Let your customers eat for free — Within reason. Clearly, you’ll run out of money quickly if you give everything out for free, but offering some small free samples can really get the interest flowing around the area. Your main courses can still be purchased, but keeping some tasty free samples in the back of your storage containers can be a great way to strengthen the relationship with your customers.

Good luck on your next sports-related side hustle, and enjoy as much as you can. If you want to learn more about portable concession stands, the sports concession industry or find high quality shipping containers for sale in NY or NJ, contact Integrated Equipment Sales today!

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