How to Make the Perfect Office Out of a Shipping Container

Opening either a new office or the first office for your business is an exciting experience. A forward-thinking trend is to convert a shipping container into office space. Top container sales companies have the ideal office container for sale. They can also make custom modifications to ensure your new office is everything you want and need.

Will There Be Enough Room?

Are you concerned about the amount of space? The largest shipping containers in the world have an expansive width of 180′ and are nearly 1,300′ in length, and that’s 55 meters wide and 400 meters long. With that length, did you just imagine an Olympic running track?

No matter the size, the robust structure is ideal for conversion. An office container for sale can undergo bold renovations and include many features. Below are important aspects to consider when purchasing or customizing an office container for sale.

Great Planning and Design Are Essential

Office container projects start with great planning and design. Do you already have ideas concerning what you need in your office? Discuss all of your options with highly skilled container customization experts that offer bespoke designs. Some of those elements may include:

  • UVPC windows and patio doors
  • Sky lights
  • Partitions
  • Wood cladding
  • Interior options
  • Shelving
  • Flooring
  • Locks
  • Climate control
  • Insulation
  • Wiring and electrics

Repaint the Exterior

Whether you choose a new or used office container for sale, you will more than likely want the exterior repainted. Repainting does more than just improve appearance. A new coat of paint provides a weatherproof coating and also helps prolong the life of a shipping container office. First impressions matter. Having the exterior painted to match shutters, windows, and doors also ensures the exterior is uniform in style.

Organization Is Integral

The perfect office is organized. Customize your new shipping container office with plenty of cabinets and storage shelving that do not interrupt the interior flow. Custom container modifications offered by transformation specialists ensure you get organizational features that are perfect for expansion plans, too.

Request more information about new and used shipping containers that can be customized to create the ideal office space. An incredible team of skilled representatives is ready to discuss your requirements and assist you before, during, and well after the modification process. The goal is to provide customers with cost-effective and innovative office space using adaptable shipping containers. Contact Integrated Equipment Sales to learn more today!

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