How to Increase Your Shipping Container’s Lifespan

Shipping containers have increasingly been used for diverse purposes. In addition to their primary use, which is shipping loads from place to place, these containers have become useful in many homes, schools, and institutions. Although generally classified as temporary structures, shipping containers can have a very long lifespan. In fact, according to Container Auction, a shipping container can last for more than two decades when taken care of. Steel containers are naturally strong and durable, but there are a few things that can be done to increase their longevity.


A coat of paint can do your steel shipping container a lot of good. Steel is strong but has one main enemy: rust. Exposure to water and oxygen leads to rust that can quickly lead to the deterioration of your shipping container. You need the right paint to coat the container, which insulates the container from both water and oxygen, therefore improving its lifespan. An additional benefit is the aesthetic effect of the paint. Paint used creatively makes the container aesthetically appealing. Be sure the coat of paint is applied both on the inside and on the outside.

Watch the Roof

Although it looks indestructible in the ports with tons of other containers laid on top of it, a steel shipping container is not as strong. It is able to bear that load because of the reinforced corner castings. In the real world, the roof of the container is vulnerable. For one to increase the lifespan of their steel shipping container, they need to ensure that the roof is hardly interrupted. Owing to its flat nature, it can store leaves and puddles of water and snow that can easily harm the roof. To increase its longevity, you should keep the roof clean and dry as often as possible.

Mount Your Container

Ensure that your container is not directly in contact with the ground. This can be done by mounting it on a foundation. Direct contact with the earth exposes it to elements such as water and a moist environment that can accelerate rust. To ensure that your steel shipping container serves you for a long time, give it a raised foundation.

Regular Lubrication

Ensure that you constantly lubricate your steel shipping container. Regular lubrication not only adds to the lifespan of the container but also improves your user experience. The hinges, the locking bar brackets, and the cam retainers need to be lubricated often to avoid wearing out and increasing the lifespan of the container.

The container can be a very useful asset. The length of its service is directly proportional to the amount of care given to it. It is, therefore, mandatory for steel shipping container owners to ensure that they maintain them for the longevity of service. To purchase your own shipping container, contact Integrated Equipment Sales today!

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