How Shipping Containers Make For Great Portable Concession Stands

Concession stands are classic components of major games and events. And that’s for a good reason. On a practical level, concession stands allow people to get the food and drinks that they need, ensuring that they stick around through the event and enjoy their time. On a financial level, concession stands enable those holding the event to make an additional income. This justifies the existence of the stand in the first place.

It’s much easier if concession stands are portable. This way they can easily be removed and moved if necessary. Stationary concession stands are much more difficult to work with and are not financially justifiable in the same sense. Of all the portable concession stands on the market, those that are made of shipping containers are much more appealing on several levels. Let’s look into the reasons why shipping containers make great portable concession stands.

1. They’re The Right Size

Shipping containers can range greatly in terms of size. While some shipping containers are too large to be a concession stand without alterations (the largest container ships are 1,300 feet long, with a maximum width of 180 feet) these can potentially be partitioned or broken apart. Additionally, some shipping containers are already the right size for portable concession stands. When you buy a shipping container from Integrated Equipment Sales, the delivery process is easy. Using shipping containers can make the concession process much simpler from the beginning.

2. They’re Recyclable

When you use a shipping container and convert it into a portable concession stand, you’re essentially recycling. Rather than having the shipping container disposed of, it’s being reused. Ultimately, this is quite beneficial on a global environmental level. It’s often much easier to justify using shipping containers for portable concession stands with the knowledge that you’re recycling metal. They also have a long lifespan and can be reused for future projects. You can find a used shipping container at a reasonable price while keeping the environment in mind.

3. They’re Easily Convertable

While a certain amount of work goes into converting a shipping container into a portable concession stand regardless, a shipping container has many key components that make it easier to convert. A portable concession stand is a fairly simple structure outright, and a shipping container already has many of the basic components that you need for that type of structure. You don’t have to build from the ground up. This makes it much more efficient and easier to work with, saving time and money.

At Integrated Equipment Sales, we have innovative solutions for your concession stand needs. Our cost-effective shipping containers are delivered quickly and can be modified to fit your needs. With these three benefits of using shipping containers as portable concession stands, your next event will go smoothly. Research the process further by calling us for more information. Ask about how we can help you convert a shipping container to a concession stand today.

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