Here’s Why People Around the World are Rushing to Invest in Used Shipping Containers

In past years, steel shipping containers were seen as merely vessels that make global trade a possibility. This is still partially true, and global seaborne container trade is believed to account for about 60% of all global seaborne trade, valued at a whopping $5.6 trillion in 2010. However, these days people are rushing to buy used shipping containers for different reasons, and they’re one of the most popular items on the global market for businesses and consumers alike.

Shipping Container SalesThe incomparable ubiquity of used shipping containers is what makes them so appealing to so many people. One of the most popular uses is converting them into portable office containers, which provide individual offices for employees at a fraction of the cost of adding a room to an existing office building. In fact, a recent study of more than 2,400 employees showed that the number of employees who took sick days increases as the number of employees in one room went up. Investing in portable offices made from steel shipping containers has revolutionized the way offices work, and global productivity has never been higher.
Investing in used shipping containers will open up a whole new world to you, both personally and professionally. They’re truly the “Swiss army knife” of today, meeting the wants and needs of millions of people around the world. Here are just three of the many reasons that people around the world are clamoring over used shipping containers:

  • Inexpensive. Considering the litany of ways to use a steel shipping container, it’s a wonder that they’re so affordable. Investing in used shipping containers will allow you to enjoy the same exact benefits as those with new shipping containers without the heightened price tag. They are truly some of the best products on the planet today in terms of value.
  • Durable. The reason people are able to convert shipping containers into portable offices is because of their unmatched durability. This isn’t a surprise considering the rough-and-tumble experience of a container used for seaborne trade. They’re essentially impenetrable, with most being constructed from steel with wood floors.
  • Customization possibilities. The container market is projected to grow by 5.3% by 2017, and that is largely due to the limitless customization options that come with used shipping containers. From portable offices to pop-up shops and even permanent living spaces, you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without your steel shipping container.

The ways to use your used shipping containers are truly endless, and more customization options will continue to pop up as more people get creative with their containers. Whether you’re running a business or just looking for something to meet your individual needs, you’ll never be hard-pressed to find a way to use your used shipping container.

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