Here are 3 of the Most Unique and Amazing Uses for New Shipping Containers

People around the world from all different walks of life are clamoring over steel shipping containers, and for good reason. It took a while, but the infinite ways to use new shipping containers are now common knowledge, and there is no business that does not stand to benefit from custom containers.

Steel storage containers are typically used for shipping, and there are roughly 20 million containers crossing the world at any given minute. However, the many different uses of these custom containers are what has caught the attention of so many people.

C20 million Shipping Container Crossing the worldonsumers have become so enamored with new shipping containers that the container market is projected to grow by 5.3% between 2014 and 2017. From mobile offices to entire villages made from steel shipping containers, there is truly no limit to the things that these wondrous containers can do. Here are three of the most unique and jaw-dropping uses for new shipping containers:

Mobile office containers. The low cost of these new shipping containers has led to many businesses to opt for mobile office containers for their employees. One of the major reasons for this global trend is employee health and sick days. Workers in two-person offices took an average of 50% more sick leave than those in single offices, while those who worked in fully open offices were out an average of 62% more. In basic terms, when employees have their own space (i.e. a mobile container office) to work, they are less prone to spread germs and more likely to stay healthy.

Pop-up shops. If you took a stroll on the boardwalk this past summer, you likely noticed a ton of new tiny shops. All across the country, small stores and restaurants are transitioning away from brick-and-mortar towards new shipping containers. These pop-up shop containers offer everything that a normal building does with less overhead and enhanced portability. It’s much easier to take your business on the road with a pop-up shop, and customers are immediately drawn to shipping containers to see what’s inside of them.

Shipping container village. All around the world, developers are investing in steel shipping container villages that offer the exact same features of a studio apartment at a fraction of the cost. New shipping containers can be fit with electricity, climate control, and even doors and windows, making them ideal for makeshift homes. You can even put a custom container in your backyard as an extra room. This is perhaps the most exciting new trend surrounding steel shipping containers, and it will be interesting to see how prominent these villages become.

There are dozens of other incredible ways that people are using steel shipping containers, and the customization options they provide are truly infinite. Find high-quality new shipping containers and be part of the hottest trend in business today.

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