Custom Doors

Your container’s intended use was for shipping and comes standard with cargo doors on one end. The cargo doors are very functional. However, adding an additional entry point can make accessing your items much easier. We offer a wide variety of options and sizes.

Standard Roll Up

Standard Roll-Up Doors

Our standard roll-up doors come in a variety of various sizes ranging from 4 feet wide to 8 feet wide. They are typically 7 feet high depending on whether the roll door is installed in a standard or high cube container. They are 26 gauge steel doors that are equipped with a sliding locking clasp. They are available in several colors as well.

standard-roll-up-door-single-3shipping container rollup doors



Standard Roll-Up Door

Heavy Duty Roll Up

Heavy Duty Roll Up Doors

Our heavy-duty roll-up doors are available from 4 feet wide to 10 feet wide. They are typically 7 feet high depending on whether the roll up door is installed in a standard height or high cube container. These doors are 20’ gauge galvanized steel and provide extra security if the container is not stored in a secure yard.

Heavy Duty Roll-up Doors Heavy Duty Roll-up Doors (2)


Personnel Doors

Personnel Door

container_modifications_personnel_door container_modifications_doors

Three Foot  Steel Personnel Door. This is a solid panel steel door. It is our most popular door. It is suited for industrial as well as residential applications. It can be equipped with an optional deadbolt and handle lock.

container modifications

Interior Doors

Interior Doors

Interior doors are commonly utilized in storage applications when a container is divided into
sections. (½ Office Space & ½ Storage Space) It provides easy access from the office to
the storage area.