Creative and Practical Ways to Use Shipping Containers

There are millions of shipping containers across the globe right now that are not being used. Despite their convenience and practicality, so many people struggle with various aspects of their professional and personal lives. But these containers can be great for all kinds of reasons.

Perhaps the most productive use of shipping containers, as well as the most obvious, is the act of shipping itself. Whether you’re sending a few large items across the ocean to family members abroad or are constantly transporting goods for business purposes, sending these items inside shipping units is a great way to do so.

Another excellent advantage of these containers is their storage benefits. A standard 20-foot equivalent (TEU) unit can hold roughly 3,500 shoe boxes. Additionally, a 40-foot high cube container can store more than 8,000 shoe boxes. You can rent these units or purchase one for yourself and keep all kinds of important items stored inside all year-round.

In addition to the shipping and storage benefits of these containers, there are plenty of other creative ways to utilize these containers. Here are some cool ways to use metal containers:

Portable office — You can clean out your storage unit and simply setup a single desk and get all kinds work done. Whether you’re working from home or just starting a secondary side hustle, start getting some work done inside a clean, cool, and simplistic portable container office.

Food truck — Have you always dreamed about running your own food business but don’t have the time, energy, or resources to actually work in the restaurant industry? How about an awesome food truck! You can cook up all kinds of awesome and tasty food products and have a blast starting your own food truck.

Housing — The housing industry has been changing in recent years and a lot of people are choosing to construct homes built entirely of storage containers. You can get creative with how you construct your home, as well. Make sure you work with a skilled building team but have fun with it!

If you want to find some high-quality shipping containers or learn more about what can you make with storage containers, give Integrated Equipment Sales a call today.

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