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4 Reasons why Storage Containers Make Great Restaurants

When people ask the question, “What can you build with storage containers?” they get a long list of answers because there is almost no limit to what you can do. In recent years, it has become incredibly popular to convert storage containers into businesses like retail stores, pop-up shops, and even office spaces. However, converting…
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What Can You Build With Storage Containers?

When it comes to storage container conversion, there is almost no limit to what you can build. Storage container modifications can easily be made by experienced professionals, making it so that any storage container innovation that you can dream up can be completed. From residences to commercial spaces, the uses for storage containers can be…
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Strange and Unusual Uses For Shipping Containers, And Normal Ones Too!

What is the most popular method to transport cargo? By ship! Cargo moves over the ocean account for 95% of international shipping. That means there are a lot of shipping containers out there–with 40-foot, 20-foot, and 10-foot varieties being among the most popular–and these containers are being put to some pretty unlikely uses. In this…
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