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What Can I Build with a Shipping Container?

Have you seen those tiny homes made out of shipping containers? They’ve become one of the most affordable and adorable trends for homeowners today. Shipping containers are the perfect base for so many different projects; they’re practically taking over the globe! There are endless possibilities when using a shipping container to start your next project.…
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5 Coolest Shipping Container Houses Around the World

The world is filling up with unused shipping containers. In past blog posts, we’ve described how these shipping containers are given new life as pop-up stores, mobile offices, and tiny homes. As shipping containers become more popular (they match perfectly with the industrial aesthetic that’s popular right now), builders are getting more creative with container…
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Creative and Practical Ways to Use Shipping Containers

There are millions of shipping containers across the globe right now that are not being used. Despite their convenience and practicality, so many people struggle with various aspects of their professional and personal lives. But these containers can be great for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps the most productive use of shipping containers, as well…
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