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3 Qualities of a Good Used Shipping Container

Of the 17 million shipping containers available worldwide, only six million are in active use. This leaves about 11 million unused shipping containers that could be modified for other domestic and commercial purposes. Additionally, of the six million containers used for international shipping, most find different uses in the business world after shipping service. After…
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5 Surprising Ways To Use Old Shipping Containers

Nearly all international cargo–a full 95%–travels by ship. Shipping containers are the most cost-effective means of transporting large amounts of goods. However, these containers have many uses beyond moving dry cargo and perishables across the ocean. With the average container lasting 20 years or more, most of them are repurposed for new uses after shipping.…
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Used Shipping Containers: The Latest Trend In Tiny Homes

The tiny home movement is going strong! The definition of a tiny home is not set in stone. While many will describe tiny homes as units ranging from 100 and 500 square feet, a growing number of people are using the term to describe any home that is relatively compact and modest. By choosing tiny…
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