Can You Use a Shipping Container to Create a Portable Concession Stand?

Many people think they have never set eyes on a 40 foot shipping container before. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Shipping container modifications are growing in popularity! Approximately 50% of all shipping containers are owned by shipping lines, however, a large number of that other 50% are being converted into specialty projects. There are many different types of recycled shipping containers being used around the world, but one of our favorite options for shipping containers is converting them into a portable concession stand.

The Portable Concession Stand

Concession stands are a great way to drive extra revenue to an event. While it may not be realistic to get your portable concession stand into Disneyland, there are a number of other places it can go.

Throughout the year, there are dozens of carnivals, circus events, and other local celebrations going on. Typically you can rent a spot at one of these events for a very small cost. Once rented, simply bring your portable concession stand over and be sure to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some of the top benefits to owning a portable concession stand:

Cost Effective: Portable concession stands are very cost effective. Whether you convert from a used shipping container or a new one, getting a shipping container transformed into a concession stand is much more cost effective than many of the other options. Especially when thinking long term, you want a concession stand that is able to hold up against being moved several times throughout the year as you travel to different events.

Environmentally Friendly: Everyone needs to do their part to take care of the environment. Ordering a portable concession stand is one of the most environmentally conscious decisions you can make.

Plenty of Room: One of the most important things about concessions is to keep a steady flow of customers. Have a line that is too long and people will start looking elsewhere to order food. Portable concession stands made from shipping containers have plenty of room for employees and storage, making it easy to organize food and create an efficient flow of operations. Good flow means you get more orders which means a better bottom line. Additionally, if you are the one working the stand yourself, you will be very grateful for all that extra space to move around. Your employees will thank you too.

Added Security: This is a multi-faceted benefit. In addition to being better at keeping out rodents and other pests, shipping container concession stands have the added security from unwanted people too. Concessions stand theft is a real deal as there are, unfortunately, some people who hunt out concession stands that look easy to steal from. Having the security of a portable shipping container deters these type of people, ensuring you keep all of your hard earned profit safe.

Time and Efficiency: We mentioned a bit before how having extra room to move around and store items is a great way to improve efficiency. Another benefit of shipping container concession stands is easy setup and takedown. After a long night of concessions, or a long week at a carnival, the last thing most people want to do is spend extra hours packing up and cleaning house.

Shipping containers are incredibly versatile, so there’s no stopping you from creating a truly one-of-a-kind concession stand. Are you ready to take that creative leap into shipping container facilities?

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