Strange and Unusual Uses For Shipping Containers, And Normal Ones Too!

What is the most popular method to transport cargo? By ship! Cargo moves over the ocean account for 95% of international shipping. That means there are a lot of shipping containers out there–with 40-foot, 20-foot, and 10-foot varieties being among the most popular–and these containers are being put to some pretty unlikely uses. In this…
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6 Tips To Consider When Building Shipping Container Houses

Homes made from used shipping containers have seen an increase in popularity recently because of their strength, affordability, and friendliness to the environment. Each recycled shipping container equates to about 3,500kg of steel. It also minimizes the use of other traditional materials that aren’t necessary like wood, bricks, and mortar. If this is an option…
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Three Important Elements of Climate Controlled Containers

Repurposed shipping containers are becoming more and more common and more and more versatile. From shipping and storage to alternative occupancy and creative structures, the durable and cost-effective containers are being used in new ways every day. Many of the innovations are at the consumer end, but some resourceful shipping container dealers are ahead of…
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