How to Increase Your Shipping Container’s Lifespan

Shipping containers have increasingly been used for diverse purposes. In addition to their primary use, which is shipping loads from place to place, these containers have become useful in many homes, schools, and institutions. Although generally classified as temporary structures, shipping containers can have a very long lifespan. In fact, according to Container Auction, a…
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Why You Should Consider Buying a Refrigerated and Insulated Shipping Container

Shipping containers have been quite useful over the last few decades in different applications. They have also evolved a lot and there are therefore many types of shipping containers, and among them are refrigerated and insulated shipping containers. Read on to see some reasons why you should consider buying a refrigerated and insulated shipping container…
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Can I Make a Pop-Up Shop With Shipping Containers?

According to Marine Insight, some of the largest container ships are around 1,300 feet long. This is equal to the circumference of an Olympic running track. The ships have a maximum width of 180 feet (55 meters), and they carry different sizes of shipping containers that can be modified into whatever you envision. For instance,…
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