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5 Creative Uses for Shipping Containers You Wouldn’t Believe!

When you think of shipping containers, you might picture a plain old, steel container. You would think equipment containers are only utilized for shipping large amounts of goods overseas or the typical storage and transporting uses. However, you will never believe the incredible structures people have created! Transformed from something that people typically wouldn’t want…
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Shipping Containers: The Perfect Office Space

When looking for a unique office space to house your organization, price is often the main concern. During the recession, architects were trying to find ways to deliver awesome and unique buildings at a price that people could afford. This is when architects caught on to the growing popularity of using shipping containers to meet…
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7 Spectacular Shipping Container Restaurants

You may picture it to be a bit odd for someone to eat a meal from inside of a regular shipping container. Not the way these brands transformed them! It may never even have occurred to you that these fully functioning restaurants started out as a normal shipping container. This is really something that you have…
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