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Shipping Items Across the World to Opening Your Own Hotdog Stand!

A market that is larger in the United Kingdom than restaurants, takeout food, and civil engineering combined — have any idea what it is? You might guess something that has to do with technology or entertainment, but that’s not the case. The shipping industry is much larger than you might’ve thought. Shipping Industry At any…
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Building a House Out of Shipping Containers: Why Not?

A house is a reflection on the homeowner. So, why not make a huge statement by building a house out of a material that people wouldn’t expect? Shipping containers have the potential to be just what you are looking for. Shipping is such a large global business, constituting about 90% of the world’s trade, accounting…
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4 Brilliant Uses for a Shipping Container

Remember when you were a kid and you turned a regular cardboard box into a car or a rocket ship? Your imagination took you all over the universe, and that box could be anything you dreamed of. What if you had an even bigger box and it was made of steel? There are so many…
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New Office? How a Shipping Container Can Boost Worker Morale

Shipping drives the world economy. In the UK alone, it accounts for more of the GDP than restaurants, takeaway food, and civil engineering combined. At this moment, there are more than 20 million containers crossing the world, holding all kinds of goods, from hairbrushes to medical equipment. In fact, you’ve probably already used something today…
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