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Why Should You Use Shipping Containers as Storage for Your Business?

As a business owner, storing your goods in a secure area is mandatory. However, constructing a store for your business is not a simple undertaking as you will have to withdraw cash reserves from your business. How about using a new storage container for sale as your business store? Shipping containers have a considerable number…
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How Shipping Containers are Revolutionizing Home Construction

Statistics indicate that more than 95% of the world’s cargo moves by ship. This has caused an indirect increase in the number of shipping containers for sale intended to be used for various commercial and domestic purposes. One of the most attractive ways that shipping containers for sale are used is in the construction of…
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Advantages of ISO Shipping Containers

International shipping requires the use of shipping containers and shipping methods that meet international standards. This means using shipping containers that meet the standards of the International Standards Organizations (ISO). Aside from helping your shipments to remain compliant with international standards, there are many other benefits of ISO shipping containers. Cost Standardized shipping, as with…
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Container Pop Up Shops: How to Get Started

Container pop up shops are innovative, fun, and attractive to customers. Whether or not your shop is going to be serving beverages, offering piercings and tattoos, or even a haven for retail shoppers, a pop up shop will be an affordable way to operate your own business and build your following. Here are a few…
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