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Everything You Need to Know About Purchasing Shipping Containers

There are currently about 17 million shipping containers in circulation across the globe, but only 6 million are actually being used. No matter what your professional situation is, you could likely benefit from renting or purchasing a few strong steel shipping containers. If you’re thinking about researching shipping container sales and buying one or two,…
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What Can I Build with a Shipping Container?

Have you seen those tiny homes made out of shipping containers? They’ve become one of the most affordable and adorable trends for homeowners today. Shipping containers are the perfect base for so many different projects; they’re practically taking over the globe! There are endless possibilities when using a shipping container to start your next project.…
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3 Great Tips For Improving Your Storage Capacity Next Year

It’s amazing how much stuff someone can accumulate after a year or two. Multiply that by a few decades, an entire family, and years of hard work — and that’s likely a significant amount of things kept around the house and the office. As the new year approaches, it’s time to start thinking about freeing…
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