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Tips for Maintaining Your Used Shipping Containers

Common shipping containers have a capacity equivalent to about 3500 shoe boxes. Larger units can be loaded with 8000 shoe boxes, or even more. Units that large can use more than 3500 kilograms of steel. While that steel saves a lot of other resources, such as wood, brick, mortar, and other building materials, depending on…
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How You Can Innovate with Storage Containers

Most people, whether business owners or not, are largely unaware of the growing field of storage container innovation. In fact, there are probably lots of things you didn’t know about storage containers. Read on for a few ideas about how you might be able to use storage container modifications to create unique, impactful spaces! Storage…
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How You Can Use Storage Containers in Unique Ways

If you are a business owner — or if you are looking for an interesting way to use space to your advantage — storage containers are an excellent option that often goes overlooked. Because of their layout, storage containers are a prime target for endless customization projects. Therefore, they’re the perfect choice for all kinds…
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4 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Home with Shipping Containers

1. Shipping Containers are Eco-Friendly Yes, there are so many shipping containers lying idle in ports, junkyards, and shipyards. As such, you have a plethora of containers to choose and turn them into your dream home. Recycling shipping containers to make your dream home will clean the environment. Even better, you can use other recyclable…
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