Advantages of Modified Office Containers

Modified office containers are incredibly versatile. Cargo container modifications are made to add windows, lights, air conditioning, and other features necessary to have a decent sized semi-portable office. So what are the benefits of having one?

Benefits of Cargo Container Modifications for Office Space

There are several benefits to having a modified office container. Below are some of the top reasons for using a storage container for your office:

  • Environmentally Friendly: Modified office containers are very Eco friendly because they up-cycle shipping containers, reusing approximately 3,500kg of steel. Additionally, cargo container modifications don’t require very many traditional building materials such as wood, brick, and mortar.
  • Very Affordable: It doesn’t matter if you are looking to purchase new or used, these office containers are very affordable. A big reason for that ties into the first benefit we mentioned (eco-friendly). Because there isn’t a need to use tons of extra building materials, shipping containers can be turned into a very affordable office option.
  • Quiet and Spacious: Depending on where this office needs to be, having a quiet place to work can be important. Being in the middle of a construction site or other loud area can make it difficult to concentrate on important tasks. As part of the cargo container modifications, the box can be turned into a soundproof office. Additionally, there are options of shipping container offices from 10 ft and up to 40 ft, giving you plenty of space should you want it.
  • Ready to Use: Shipping containers can be modified and ready to use at a moment’s notice. Having a trusted supplier who can help you get what you need out of these storage container office spaces can ensure that you have ready to use offices pop up where ever you need them. This eliminates the stress and hassle of having to take a lot of time to set up a traditional office space.
  • Massive Customization: Although we can’t promise you anything quite like Bruce Wayne’s Bat Cave, these cargo container modifications make each office hugely adaptable to customize. We already mentioned that you can modify the size and soundproof the office, however, there are many other modifications available too. These modifications can help you create the perfect office environment for your business. Common modifications include dual offices, conference room setting, extra windows, and more.

A little more about customization…

We wanted to give you a little more taste of just how cool some of these cargo container modifications can be. Here is a list of some of our favorite uses of cargo containers:

  • Iron Gym: Just to give you an idea of how spacious these can be, consider that there are a lot of people using these for an old school gym feel. Get the blood pumping while you pump some iron, these gyms are no joke!
  • Extra Garage Space: Yup. That’s right. Some people are using these to set up extra garage and parking space. Maybe you want that garage space for your woodworking and tool shop, or perhaps it is to park your retro car collection. Either way, these containers have plenty of space.
  • There’s No Place Like Home: That’s right, cargo containers are even being used as a way to create an eco-friendly, minimalist home. We think this is an incredibly innovative way to get a home up and going, especially for those who need affordable and cost-effective options.
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