Advantages of ISO Shipping Containers

International shipping requires the use of shipping containers and shipping methods that meet international standards. This means using shipping containers that meet the standards of the International Standards Organizations (ISO). Aside from helping your shipments to remain compliant with international standards, there are many other benefits of ISO shipping containers.


Standardized shipping, as with ISO shipping containers, means lower shipping cost overall. ISO shipping containers enable more efficient freight shipping than conventional or break-bulk shipping methods and give the shipper the advantage of scale at terminals and modes. ISO shipping can be up to 20 times less expensive than conventional shipping. Because they are standardized sizes, ISO containers can be stacked and stored more efficiently.


ISO shipping containers are made from the same kind of steel used in the construction of bridges, and buildings exposed constantly to the elements. The steel panels are corrugated, as well as watertight and wind-resistant. An ISO shipping container that is properly maintained can last for decades. The durability of an ISO shipping container allows it to be stacked with other ISO shipping containers, accommodating more goods per shipment. Note that like most steel products, ISO shipping containers are still susceptible to rust if not maintained properly.


ISO shipping containers have few limits on which kinds of goods they can be used to ship. Everything from manufactured goods and commodities to liquids and refrigerated goods can be shipped in an ISO shipping container.

The trend of using shipping containers for purposes other than shipping is emerging, as well. From storage to occupancy, people are purchasing new and used shipping containers and repurposing them in a broad range of ways. From structures both commercial and private to food trucks, pop-up creative events, and shipping container homes, the possibilities are seemingly endless. They are popping up in urban areas, backyards, beaches, and festivals almost everywhere. The construction, durability, size, and versatility of ISO shipping containers make them a popular choice for creative uses. And a shipping container that is compliant with ISO standards can, of course, also ship domestically.

Learn more about ISO shipping containers and their many advantages and uses today.

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