A Mobile Office and More: Five Uses for Shipping Containers

It’s an age-old problem: running out of room. In a home or a business, it’s a given that nearly everyone could use more storage space…or perhaps they would like to set up another location for their business without the hassle of purchasing real estate. What is the answer, then? One solution is to buy new or used shipping containers and have them available for the extra space you need. There are many uses for storage containers, and here are five innovative examples of how they can be put to great use.

1: Hospitals and Health Clinics
Hospitals are not traditionally made of new or used shipping containers. Yet, using storage containers to set up a hospital is an innovative concept. Climate controlled containers provide a great site for health care. But in addition, the containers can easily be set up in rural areas where a full-blown construction project might be highly complicated or even prohibitive to undertake, and may also require a long time to complete.

2: College Campuses and Schools
College campuses are ideal sites to utilize shipping containers. They can be used for on-site demolition projects. They can also be used as portable concession stands, set up as a mobile office for interviews or ticket sales, and be customized for specialty projects. It is expensive to build schools, but used shipping containers can create classrooms quickly.

3: A Small Private Company
A steel cargo container is a great idea for a small private company such as a landscaping business. It would be perfect storage for all the equipment that a landscaping company, or a small private construction company, would have on hand. In addition, it could also serve as a temporary mobile office for a larger project that is off-site.

4: A Large Industrial Company
There are numerous uses for storage containers by large industrial companies. When a power company or an insurance company has to set up a temporary mobile office, for instance, storage containers are ideal. Even if visiting from out-of-state, the project manager can set up their equipment and use the storage container as their on-site command center.

5: Residential Usage
Did you just purchase something very bulky that takes up a lot of room? Or, are you in the process of remodeling, or moving? If so, you may be in need of some extra room. Climate controlled containers are great for residential projects like clearing out clutter. How many of us use the garage for storage…of stuff, that is, instead of for the car? Does this sound familiar?

Shipping containers can solve this problem for you.

If you’re looking to buy storage containers for a business or a residential situation, you will easily find them. They are a great solution to a space need, such as a mobile office or way to get rid of clutter. Also, they are a great investment, because they are durable. According to Container Auction, containers can last for around 20 years, provided they get good, regular maintenance and upkeep. The bottom line is that storage containers are a great solution to space problems!

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