7 Spectacular Shipping Container Restaurants

You may picture it to be a bit odd for someone to eat a meal from inside of a regular shipping container. Not the way these brands transformed them! It may never even have occurred to you that these fully functioning restaurants started out as a normal shipping container. This is really something that you have to see for yourself to believe.

Warning: There is a high chance that scrolling further may cause sever hunger and even spontaneous decisions to fly across the world in order to dine at one of these locations. If you choose to do so, please do so at your own risk of having a one-of-a-kind experience!

El Rey, Taqueria + Mexican Beer Garden

Washington DC


Image via El Rey DC

This approximately 3,600-square-foot restaurant is constructed between two brick walls, with nearly the entire interior carved out of 11 shipping containers. The designers loved the rustic look that the containers added to the Mexican feel of the restaurant. The most iconic feature is a glass-like retractable roof which can be closed in bad weather or pulled back onto a garden when whether permits.

Till the Cows Come Home


till the cows

Image via VeggieWay

Designed by Natalie Viaux, this restaurant features a five-meter long window that provides a view directly at a mural of cows grazing in the alpine pasture. This served as inspiration for the name! This 40-foot long shipping container is now the home of a kitchen that serves vegetarian cuisine.

Muvbox Fast Food



Image via Inhabitat

Originating in Montreal, Canada, this concept is a shipping container that turns into a mobile, outdoor fat food restaurant. It is called Muvbox because it can be moved, who would have thought! It is easily transported by road, rail or sea. The convenience of this concept continues since you can open it up anywhere you want and no building permits are required.

High-Rise Subway

Freedom Tower, NYC


Image via Inhabitat

As the Freedom Tower grew taller and taller, a Subway consisting of three stacked shipping containers joined the building in its upward journey. This provided food at the convenience of any level that the workers were on that day, without having to make the long trip back to the ground on breaks. The innovative design of a shipping container made this all possible and painless.

Wahaca Restaurant



Image via Wahaca

This Mexican style restaurant in the Southbank area of London is built from eight recycled shipping containers and is arranged on two overhanging levels. It lets in a lot of sunlight through its large front-facing windows, allowing for a meal with a view for those dining and a peek inside for those passing by.

The Container Restaurant

Durango, Colorado

the container

Image via Container of Foods

Located right next to Ska Brewing, The Container serves great pairings such as pizzas and sandwiches to go with the various beers offered by the brewery. A shipping container was the perfect solution for the company’s spatial issues for serving food.

Movement Café



Image via Inhabitat

The eccentricity of the shipping container base provided the creativity and playfulness for designer Morag Myerscough seen throughout this entire structure. The container that it is made of allows the café to close and open up easily. This also played a big role in why the construction of the entire thing took only 16 days, start to finish.

Unfortunately, this is the one location that you will not be able to visit and munch out at. It closed up shop in the winter of 2012, mainly built to function during the 2012 London Olympics in the summer.

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