6 Innovative Ways of Using Shipping Containers

new shipping containers for sale

There’re many creative and innovative ways to use shipping containers outside the shipping industry. Today, people are modifying new shipping containers for sale for other domestic and commercial uses. Here are some of the innovative ways of modifying new shipping containers for sale.

1. Pop up Shop Container

Businesses across the board — small, medium, and big — are utilizing container pop up shops to sell their services and products. For a small business that may not afford retail space in a busy location, installing pop up shops is a suitable and affordable alternative. Big and medium businesses can utilize container pop up shops to launch a new product or test the viability of opening a branch in a new location. Instead of renting expensive retail space, entrepreneurs are buying new shipping containers for sale and using them as concession stand containers.

2. Portable Office Container

If you need a small home office to work from when you’re at home, then you should consider a mobile office container. An office container will not take up much space in your backyard and you can move with it if you relocate. Companies are also setting up mobile offices when expanding in new locations. Additionally, when working on temporary locations, contracting companies find it more economical to set up portable office containers to enable their operations.

3. Shipping Container Homes

As housing in the United States becomes expensive for more Americans, innovative housing options such as shipping container houses are a welcome addition. Shipping container homes are durable and long-lasting. According to Container Auction, shipping containers can last for two decades when properly maintained. With engineers and container home enthusiasts finding more superior and innovative techniques to build shipping container homes, more modern families are preferring container

You can also use a modified shipping container to add an extra room in your home. Maybe you need a guest wing extension or need extra garage space. Modifying a new shipping container for sale will provide you with the extra space you need in your home.

4. Used as Storage Space

If you need extra space to store some of your equipment or business goods, you can buy new shipping containers for sale and use them as an extra store. Steel shipping containers will provide extra security for your equipment besides protecting them from being damaged by adverse weather conditions. Additionally, shipping containers provide enough space for all your storage needs. You can imagine how much volume of merchandise you can store in a 40-foot shipping container. If you need more space, you can get an additional container and stack it up on the container on the ground. This allows you to save ground space.

5. Reefer Containers

If you need to transport or store perishable goods, you can modify a new shipping container for sale into a refrigerated container. The shape and design of containers make it easy to install a refrigeration system within the container –inside or outside — with little modifications. You can then use the reefer container to store your perishable products such as flowers or groceries. Transporting the reefer is also easy because you just need to load it on a truck.

6. Mobile Bars, Cafes, and Kitchens

For you to do good business in the service industry, you need to be where your customers are. Thankfully, you can modify a new shipping container for sale into a mobile container bar or kitchen. This will allow you to move with your business and take your services to the customers. As such, you can easily participate in exhibitions and conferences and showcase your business model. When there is a public event in your state, you can transport your mobile container bar and serve the attendees.

Whatever the purpose you want to use a shipping container for, you should buy a new shipping container for sale from a reputable dealer. If you buy an expertly modified shipping container and maintain it well, the container will give you service for more than two decades without expensive repairs.

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