5 Ways a Steel Cargo Container Can Make a Great Home Office

With more and more of the U.S. working away from the office by need or by choice, dedicated and productive workspaces are becoming an underserved necessity. There is obviously a lot of comfort and convenience in these arrangements, but there’s also a lot about them that isn’t ideal. If you are working from home long term and are struggling to dedicate a space for concentrated, productive work, a steel cargo container repurposed into an office or workspace may be the solution for you. Read on for five reasons why a steel cargo container might make the perfect mobile office for you.

Quiet, Private, and Comfortable

Individual stations in conventional workspaces have shrunk by an average of forty square feet over twenty years or so. Steel cargo containers can be made into spacious, quiet, private, comfortable permanent or portable offices. There are steel cargo containers as large as forty five feet, and a number of other sizes are available as well. They can be soundproofed also, for maximum focus and productivity.


While some veteran remote workers have built dedicated structures on or near their property to serve as private workspaces, they’ve done so at significant expense, including acquiring the necessary building, commerce, and occupation permits. Steel cargo containers repurposed as mobile offices are a great deal more budget-friendly, and easier to integrate into your property. They are energy-efficient, compact, portable, and ready to be fit for work with minimal alterations or modifications. And they’re low maintenance and durable: a steel cargo container modified to be a remote workspace can last twenty years or more with minimal care.

Versatile and Customizable

One of the principal reasons that steel cargo containers are so prized as remote workspaces is that the possibilities for cargo container modifications are nearly limitless. Climate controlled containers, containers with electricity and heat, containers with windows and doors, and even containers equipped with renewable energy by local solar installers are all among the many possibilities when modifying and utilizing storage containers.


Both new and used steel cargo containers are available. For those choosing to buy used shipping containers, there are ecological benefits. Each recycled shipping container uses about 3,500 kilograms of steel that might otherwise be wasted or take up space in a landfill. And for each shipping container used, tons of more conventional building materials are spared, saving a broad range of resources.


Shipping containers are a great deal easier to procure and configure as effective workspaces than new structures. In many cases, they can be customized and prepared before they even arrive, and will be ready to use almost immediately. As mentioned above, they save a significant amount of time-consuming licensing and coding and are ready to relocate if or when you do. And in the event that remote working ends up being temporary, they can easily be repurposed in nearly limitless creative ways.

There are almost infinite ways that a shipping container repurposed as a workspace can benefit you if you work remotely. They are dedicated, private, and quiet workspaces that can be designed for focus and concentration and aid in productivity. They are relatively cost-efficient to acquire, prepare, and maintain, and used shipping containers are eco-friendly. They are convenient to use and to repurpose. And they can be a great opportunity for creativity. If you will be working away from corporate offices or traditional workspaces, it can be the best practice to dedicate an efficient and convenient space that will permit you to be as productive as possible. Consider a shipping container office today.

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