5 Reasons to Convert Shipping Containers into Tiny Homes

The movement to build and live in tiny homes is one that is powered by a desire for eco-friendly, minimalistic living. Tiny homes are being created out of many different recycled materials. Though utilizing storage containers as a home may not seem like a natural idea, there are many advantages to shipping container homes. Below are 5 of the main reasons why you should invest in a shipping container house.

An Eco-Friendly Practice

Out of the 17 million shipping containers in existence, only 6 million are in use. This means 11 million shipping containers are unused and ready for home conversion. When it comes to eco-friendliness, reusing materials is the easiest way to ensure that they are being recycled with the most minimal impact on the environment. Therefore, utilizing storage containers in a tiny home project can help decrease your home’s impact on the Earth and make sure that the shipping container does not turn into waste that will harm the environment.

Cost Effective Solutions

The price of storage containers is comparable to the materials for a traditional wooden structure without having the added cost of time and labor for construction. In addition, you might be able to find used shipping containers for sale that are still in great shape and get an even better deal on your tiny home’s structure. Looking for shipping containers that have only been used once can ensure that the quality of the storage container is still intact while saving you some money.

Plenty of Online Resources

If you want to DIY your shipping container house conversion, there are countless articles, videos, and websites geared directly towards utilizing storage containers as tiny homes. There are tips, tricks, recommendations, and even pre-made designs and blueprints that are available for free.

And if you don’t want to DIY your shipping container house, you can find contractors online that specialize in shipping container conversions.

Room for Creativity

With a shipping container conversion, you are starting with a very blank canvas that you can customize to fit any of your needs. Whatever style of home you want, you can create by utilizing storage containers. Whether you want a luxe style or a more free-flowing, bohemian-inspired home, you will be able to realize your vision in a shipping container house. The possibilities of customizing your tiny home are endless when you are starting with something that has as much potential as a shipping container.

Lots of Flexibility

If you want to be able to move with your tiny home, you can design it to be mobile-friendly or to stay permanently in one spot. Because shipping containers are designed to be moved, you could easily find transportation for your home.

If you decide to keep your converted shipping container house in one location, you could make the area surrounding your home more permanent and settled, adding a garden or a porch off of your shipping container home.

Whatever kind of tiny home you want to create, you can easily create your dream house by utilizing storage containers. You can have a custom-built, eco-friendly, and sustainable home with a shipping container conversion.

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