5 Businesses That Can Benefit From Container Pop Up Shops

Container Pop Up Shops

Shipping containers have become a go-to solution for building a variety of structures including mobile offices, pop-up bars, hotels, and eco-homes. In fact, there are over 17 million shipping containers in use globally. The primary reason is that shipping containers cost less to set up and provide much-needed flexibility. It explains why more companies are using them for experiential marketing campaigns. Here are a few ways businesses can use container pop up shops for experiential marketing.

What is Experiential Marketing?

Historically, marketing campaigns have been focusing on creating awareness about a brand without creating real connections with customers. As a result, customers become passive and less likely to purchase or show interest in a company’s product or service. On the other hand, experiential marketing engages new and potential customers encouraging them to develop relationships with a brand.

The premise for experiential marketing is that customers should engage in sales relationships without coercion. As such, the programs use emotional connotations and logic-based value propositions to connect with the customer persuading them to purchase an item. The phenomenon is based on the notion that the part of the brain involved in thinking about self also plays a significant role when creating associations between external things and ourselves.

Experiential marketing provides an opportunity for brands to create one-on-one connections with the customer while developing a sense of life the customer desires. Using structures that foster such relationships is critical to achieving this goal. Let’s take a look at some businesses that can use container pop shops to foster experiential relationships with customers.

Mobile Restaurants

Overspending and poor location are the primary reasons why most new restaurants fail during the first few years of their existence. Such businesses can minimize risk and increase their success rate by testing the market using flexible and affordable used shipping containers for sale. The premise is to get your business in front of potential customers faster. Business owners can also use a modified container pop up shop to introduce new menu items and ask customers for their feedback without making huge investment risks.

Mobile Showrooms

Setting up a traditional showroom is costly, time-consuming, and requires a lot of space. With modified container pop up shops, businesses can open low-cost mobile showrooms. The structure’s flexible configurations enable them to set up ramps that facilitate the entry of the cars and hook systems that ensure the safe transportation of vehicles. It would help if you equipped the structure with DVD players, TV screens, and incredible sound systems to optimize the customer’s experience.

Pop up Retail Events

Shipping containers for sale in NY are particularly appealing to a demographic of people who prefer products that provide an experience. Apart from being trendy, the containers create a sense of urgency, encouraging spontaneous purchases. As such, companies can use the containers to get noticed by potential clients. Also, the containers are eco-friendly because they have been upcycled. If the marketing team broadcasts this point as part of the company’s green strategy, it can attract a demographic of customers who appreciate conservation efforts. The structures also make excellent storage containers for any type of product.

Product Testing or Launching

Container pop up shops enable businesses to extend their target market beyond the usual boundaries. If a company’s main distribution channel is via a website, a pop-up shop provides an excellent opportunity for attracting customers who prefer trying before buying. The company can offer sample products or set up a demonstration area to build trust and increase sales.

Mobile Wellness Studio

The traditional fitness studios hardly offer much flexibility. Introducing a new fitness package or service can be time-consuming as you mainly rely on your everyday customer. Utilizing shipping containers for sale enables a business to visit different locations. If well-matched with the target audience, you can attract new customers.

Container pop up shops provide countless opportunities for businesses looking to create memorable experiences with their customers. A successful experiential marketing campaign not only stirs interest and engagement but also increases sales.

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