40 Foot Shipping Containers

Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent storage, at IES, we’ve got your covered with our wide array of steel shipping containers. Our 40 foot shipping containers are available in a range of conditions from brand new, to used and refurbished. Because our steel containers are made to withstand severe trans-oceanic conditions, we assure you that they will effectively store your valuables on land. Our 40 foot shipping containers are watertight, secure and guaranteed to withstand the elements.

40 Foot Shipping Container Exterior Dimensions

Normal 40 Foot Cont 1

The exterior dimensions of a 40 foot shipping container are 40 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 8’6” in height.


40 Foot Shipping Container Interior Dimensions

Normal 40 Foot Cont 2

The interior dimensions of a 40 foot shipping container are 39’ 5 45/64” in length, 7’ 8 19/32” in width, and 7’9 57/64” in height.


40 Foot Shipping Container Applications

Because of their durability, versatility and room for modification, our new and used shipping containers are ideal for your short term or long term storage needs. Our 40 foot shipping containers can be utilized for a number of applications, including the following:

–          Storing agricultural and livestock supplies

–          Storing hazardous materials, paint, and a variety of other chemicals

–          Storing business records, files and books

–          Storing various tools and equipment

–          Storing sports equipment at a school yard or recreational field and/or facility

–          Storing household items including furniture and appliances

–          Storing a vehicle, motorcycle, tractor, boat, snowplow, or ATV

–          Storing shipboard supplies

–          Storing Police, fire, EMT, or SAR equipment

–          Storing portable generators

They can also be transformed into a modular office, shelter or command center. We have also previously transformed our steel shipping containers into concession stands, temporary classrooms, and residential housing.

40 Foot Shipping Container Modifications

Our most standard 40 foot shipping container comes with lockable double doors on one side and thick, durable plywood flooring on the interior. Rest assured, however, that we can modify any of our new or used containers to suit your exact needs. Included below is a list of common modifications that we offer:

–          Custom doors

–          Windows and skylights

–          Climate control

–          Interior options

–          Locks

–          Shelving

–          Painting

–          Specialty projects

If you are looking for a more complex modification, count on IES to get the job done! Our skilled representatives have extensive experience in completing a spectrum of projects, from the simplest to the most intricate.

For more information or to request a quote, call us today at (732) 283-1910 ext. 239 or complete our online inquiry form.