40 Foot Shipping Containers: Innovative Ideas

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur interested in a trendy new setting, then using 40 foot shipping containers as a site for your business may be a viable alternative. A majority of the world’s cargo, actually 95%, is moved on ships, making them the most frequently used method of transporting freight. This means that there are plenty of shipping containers available, so it will not be difficult to find shipping containers to use as a business location. Here are a few ideas for unique uses of 40 foot shipping containers.

A Small Company

For a specialty project, such as a gardening or private landscaping business, a shipping container is a great option. It would be roomy enough to store all kinds of equipment that a landscaping company, a garden shop, or a small private construction company, would need to have on hand. In addition, it could also provide portable offices for larger projects that are located off-site.

Art Gallery

Utilizing storage containers as an art gallery space is an exciting and creative idea. 40 foot shipping containers are the ideal size for an art gallery. The addition of skylights would be an easy upgrade, giving the area an airy feel that would be perfect for browsing.

Health Clinic

Setting up a clinic or health care site using storage containers is an innovative concept. It is also a way to reach individuals that may reside in hard-to-reach, or even jungle, areas. Climate controlled containers provide a great site for health care. In addition, the containers can easily be set up in rural areas. Containers can be ready to provide service quickly, while a full-blown hospital construction project might be prohibitive because it is highly complicated or takes a long time to complete.

Bar or Restaurant

This idea is especially great in 40 foot storage containers. First of all, the size of a shipping container is perfect for a specialty project like this. Containers can easily be modified, designed, and decorated to fit whatever style the owner desires.

A Large Industrial Company

A local or out-of-state project manager can set up equipment in a storage container and transform it into an on-site work center. With electricity, heating/air conditioning, and office furniture, a power company or an insurance company will be able to set up a temporary mobile office.


Shopping is always a popular recreational pastime. Shipping containers are ideal for collectors, such as those who enjoy antiques, or sports memorabilia. Also, jewelry, scarves, handbags, t-shirts, umbrellas, stationery, greeting cards, and more. There are many possibilities for retail success in 40 foot shipping containers.

Educational Facilities

Schools and college campuses are ideal for using 40 foot shipping containers. The structures can be converted into classrooms, labs, gyms, libraries, and performing arts centers. The containers can also be used as portable concession stands, or mobile offices for interviews or for other special projects.

There are many unique uses for shipping containers. They offer many benefits to the business person, as well. They are durable, affordable, and easily adaptable with the addition of custom features such as windows, doors, closets, and more. Remember to consult with an experienced, reputable company when you start your project. Keep track of the changes you make as your project progresses. Comparing the photos of the first day and the finished product on your shipping container will provide great memories and great conversations for a long time.

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