4 Uses of Modified Shipping Containers in Businesses

Shipping lines own about 50% of all containers, which they use to transport goods by ocean worldwide. However, once a container has been used in the shipping industry for about 10 years, it is offloaded and sold in the aftermarket, where it finds more uses. You may then buy a used shipping container and modify it to suit your commercial or domestic purposes. Luckily, you can utilize storage container modifications services to customize your shipping container for different uses.

You can modify your used shipping container to serve the following purposes.

1. Workstations

Mobile office containers have become popular because of their versatility, simplicity, and affordability. A 20 or 40-foot shipping container can be modified into a viable workstation. You can use office containers as permanent or temporary offices for your employees or as your home office. Today, big and small businesses turn to office containers for sale to provide turnkey solutions to their increasing demand for office space.

Another benefit of container offices is their portability. This comes in handy when you’re working on a project in remote places. Engineering companies and the military commonly use portable office containers. Since transporting an office container is easy, you can use it for multiple projects in different places. Regardless of your industry, you can modify a shipping container into a workstation to solve your space needs.

2. Commercial Storage Space in Your Warehouse or Business

If you need more secure space to store your business merchandise and other valuable items, steel shipping containers are ideal. Shipping containers are made using Corten steel, which is strong and durable and can also withstand adverse weather conditions. Depending on the type of goods you’re storing, you may conduct extensive storage container modifications, such as installing air conditioning or refrigeration.

Shipping containers have factory installed marine grade plywood flooring. This will keep your stored goods in mint condition because a steel cargo container is wind-tight and water-proof. Additionally, the sturdiness of a steel shipping container makes it nearly impossible for burglars to break-in. Therefore, your stored goods will be safe at all times.

3. Portable Concession Stands

By using storage container modifications services, you can customize a shipping container into a concession stand to boost your marketing efforts. A portable concession stand will give your business more utility in terms of marketing your goods. With a portable concession stand, you can participate in many tradeshows and business exhibitions without having to do the modifications all over again. Even better, you can brand your container stand with your company’s colors and logos to make it more memorable for the customers. Since you can use one concession stand container for multiple shows, you will get a better ROI as well.

4. Container Pop Up Shops and Bars

Retail space is getting pricier by the day, especially in high-end locations where competition for commercial space is high. That’s why many businesses are seeking storage container modification services to design pop-up shops and bars. A pop-up container shop provides much-needed flexibility to a business because it can fit in a smaller space.

You can negotiate with your local authorities so you can be allowed to fit your pop-up container shop in a strategic part of your city. Since a pop-up bar or shop can be moved anytime, your city administration may be more willing to grant you a permit. Conversely, it may be impossible to convince your local authorities to allow you to put up a brick-and-mortar shop in the idle parts of your city that are not earmarked for development.

Whatever use you want your shipping container to serve, you can utilize storage container modifications services to get it done. You can use a modified shipping container for many commercial uses. Mobile offices, commercial storage, portable concession stands, and pop-up shops and bars are common uses of modified shipping containers. For top-quality container modifications, trust a reputable container supplier. Contact all Integrated Equipment Sales Today.

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