4 Qualities That Make Steel Shipping Containers Useful Beyond the Shipping Industry

It is outside the shipping industry that steel shipping containers become multi-purpose thanks to their durability and flexible design. You can modify a steel shipping container to fit your needs, whether it’s for commercial or domestic use. Luckily we have enough supply of new and used shipping containers, given that more than 17 million shipping containers are in circulation today. Of these, five million are actively involved in the shipping industry, and they make around 200 million trips a year, as Billie Box says.

Why, though, are steel shipping containers so reliable even beyond the shipping industry? Here’s why.

1. Steel Shipping Containers are Made Using Sturdy Materials

Corten steel is the primary material used to make shipping containers. From the corrugated walls, cross members to cargo doors and frames of a shipping container, sturdy corten steel is utilized. Corten steel is also known as weathering steel. It’s a group of steel alloys specially made to be rust-resistant, weldable, and eliminate the need for painting shipping containers. For this reason, steel shipping containers can withstand adverse weather conditions with zero to minimum damage. For instance, if you’re a contractor who works in remote areas with harsh climates, you can modify a steel shipping container into a site office or a storage facility for your tools, machinery, and equipment.

2. Shipping Containers are Easily Portable

Steel shipping containers are specifically designed to allow for crane rigging. The corner castings of a steel cargo container are reinforced to make the container strong enough for crane lifting even when it’s loaded to the maximum. The forklift pockets and twist locks also enhance the portability of a shipping container. Since steel shipping containers are easy to move, you can make a portable concession stand, mobile offices, or container pop up shops. Having the capacity to take your services and products where the customers are is necessary in the modern business world. Even as you move around showcasing your products, you’ll not worry about your products’ security because steel shipping containers are secure and hard to break into. Additionally, you can have reinforced cargo doors and install an alarm and monitoring system to enhance your products’ security.

3. Steel Shipping Containers Can Accommodate Various Modifications

Being made from weldable steel, it’s easy for technicians to make modifications to a shipping container without incurring huge costs. You can install doors, windows, ventilation, shelves, cabinets, and insulation to custom-make a shipping container to fit your needs. The ease of modifications on steel shipping containers increases not only their efficiency but also their utility. Many businesses in different industries can modify a shipping container to serve twin purposes in their line of work. For instance, a logistics company may modify a 40 feet container to serve as a pick-up office and a temporary storage facility.

A business can also modify a shipping container to capitalize on branding. The exterior walls of a shipping container are a perfect space for a business to paint its logo, corporate colors, and advertising message. Since steel shipping containers are easy to modify, it’s faster and affordable for a business to customize several containers to fit their brand’s needs.

4. Steel Shipping Containers are Long Lasting

The corrugated steel used to make shipping containers has no elements of organic materials, and it’s likely to last a lifetime. Ultimately, 98% of shipping container parts are recyclable. Therefore, when your shipping containers have outlived their usefulness, you can send them to a steel recycling company instead of the dumpsite. After doing a solid 10 or 12 years in the shipping industry, a shipping container can last for another 15 years in different services. If you modify a new steel shipping container and maintain it well, it may serve your business for a lifetime.

These are the qualities that make steel shipping containers extremely useful outside the shipping industry. The good thing is that shipping containers are plenty in supply and easy to customize to serve different business purposes.

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