4 Productivity Benefits of Working Out of an Office Shipping Container

Office Shipping Container

There are millions of unused shipping containers across the globe that can be purchased and transformed into individual offices that will even help workers maximize productivity. Whether it’s new or used shipping containers, they can easily be crafted into office containers that are great for focusing and getting work done.

  • Portable productivity — One of the main benefits of this type of workstation is that it can easily be transformed into a portable office. If your permanent location is undergoing construction or you want a separate office from your permanent building, this is the solution for you. With portable offices, you can have that satellite office ready and get right back to working at the top of your game.
  • Limited distractions — The easiest way to derail your productivity is to be distracted. Working in communal offices often involves far too many distractions. Whether it’s employee chatter, phones ringing every few minutes, or even the constant sound of typing — these minor distractions can actually lead to major problems. Containers are much more intimate and you can set them up however you like, essentially limiting all types of distractions.
  • Smaller is better — The average individual workstation has shrunk over the years. In 1992, most workers got stuff done in offices that were 80 square feet. Nowadays, the average individual workstation is closer to 39 square feet. Office containers are perfect for focusing and getting work done in a small environment.
  • Customizable — It’s not like you’ll be all that productive if you work in a dark, plain, and boring shipping container. You have to decorate a little bit and give yourself a comfortable place to work. If you enjoy the way your container office looks and feel comfortable, you’ll begin to focus much better and be much more productive on the job.

No matter what industry you’re working in, if you are hoping to increase your individual productivity, you might want to consider these types of offices. If you want to learn more about the benefits of shipping office containers, or find a high quality office container for sale, give Integrated Equipment Sales a call today.

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