4 Benefits of Using Concession Stand Containers for Business Marketing

Shipping Container Concession Stands

With the high competition in all industries, you have to be creative and innovative in your business marketing. In so doing, you may have earmarked several trade shows and business exhibitions to attend, which is an effective marketing plan. This means that you’ll have to figure out how to exhibit your products and services at these trade shows without breaking your bank. In this case, a concession stand container will be most useful.

Here’s how portable concession stands will boost your business marketing strategies.

1. A Concession Stand Container Will Provide Enough Space to Showcase Your Products

You can buy new or used shipping containers for sale of various sizes and convert them into a concession stand. The most common sizes of shipping containers that are widely available are 20 foot and 40-foot containers. A 40 ft. shipping container has 320 square feet of floor space and a total cargo volume of 76 cubic meters, while a 20ft container has 146 square feet of floor space and a total storage volume of 33.2 cubic meters. Both containers provide enough space for your business marketing, depending on the volume of the products you want to display.

Even better, you can always add an extra container to your concession stand if you need more space to display your products. Besides providing enough space for all your merchandise, a concession stand container will help you maximize the limited space you may have in a trade show. Most exhibitions allocate small ground spaces for their participants so that many businesses can have a chance to exhibit. In this regard, portable concession stands are most appropriate for trade shows. You can have a two-storied container stand that will give your more display space without taking up additional ground space.

2. The Design of a Concession Stand Container Enhances Business Branding

By design, a shipping container is perfect for branding. You have four exterior sidewalls that you can brand with your company’s logo, corporate colors, and the new products you’re marketing. Additionally, the interior space is also ideal for branding. With a little bit of creativity, you can brand your concession stand container effectively. With proper branding, your concession stand will stand out, and more customers will remember your business. Consumer studies have shown that customers are likely to remember your business from its logo and corporate colors. A creatively branded concession stand container will boost your brand awareness and will help you increase your sales.

3.The Portability of a Concession Stand Container Allows You to Exhibit Your Products in Multiple Trade Shows

It can be costly and time-intensive if you have to rent several containers to use in your trade shows. Buying multiple concession stands would also cost you more to modify and brand. However, a portable concession stand allows you to reuse it in multiple exhibitions. You won’t have extra installation or branding costs. Your only expenses will be the transportation costs you’ll incur when moving your stand from one show to another. This will allow you to use your marketing budget for other purposes.

4. Installing and Modifying a Concession Stand Container is Easy on The Pocket

Since shipping containers for sale are plenty in the market, you can get a good deal whether you’re buying a new or used container. Additionally, container dealers can modify your shipping container at an affordable cost. A concession stand container will be a long-term investment for your business, given the long service life of shipping containers. According to Container Auction, shipping containers can serve you for more than two decades with proper care and regular maintenance. Therefore, you can make a one-time investment in a concession stand container and reap benefits for many years.

As a business owner, a concession stand container will add flexibility to your marketing strategies. Using a single concession stand, you can participate in multiple trade shows without incurring high costs. In our modern industrial world, you need to be agile and effective in your business marketing. Therefore, concession stand, containers should be on your priority list.

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