3 Qualities of a Good Used Shipping Container

storage container sales nj - 3 Qualities of a Good Used Shipping Container

Of the 17 million shipping containers available worldwide, only six million are in active use. This leaves about 11 million unused shipping containers that could be modified for other domestic and commercial purposes. Additionally, of the six million containers used for international shipping, most find different uses in the business world after shipping service. After serving their purpose in shipping, they are sold as used shipping containers to be modified for other uses.

You may then buy used shipping containers for your commercial use. To get the right shipping container for your business, you should consider the following qualities.

1. Size of The Shipping Container

New and used shipping containers for sale come in different sizes. The two most commonly available sizes are 20-foot shipping containers and 40-foot shipping containers. Before buying a 20 foot or 40-foot shipping container, consider the amount of space you need for your business activities. For instance, if you’re looking to modify a shipping container into a small portable concession stand, a 20ft container will fit the bill. A 40ft container has more useable space and is suitable when you need more business space, like for mobile offices or container restaurants.

The good thing about shipping containers is that they can be modified using various designs to suit your needs. Also, you can stack up two or more containers to add more space as your business expands. You can design a two-floor container home, concession stand, or restaurant. Using shipping containers, you can maximize a small ground space more effectively because you can comfortably stack even three containers on the same ground space.

2. The Overall Condition of The Shipping Container

While new shipping containers for sale are in pristine condition, used shipping containers may have a few bumps and dents on the sides sustained during their shipping days. Cargo companies use shipping containers for about eight to ten years before they replace them. In the course of the shipping operations, it’s normal for the containers to sustain a few dings and dents as part of wear and tear.

However, since shipping containers are made from tough corten steel, they’re sturdy enough to withstand harsh marine weather and tough working conditions. As such, after shippers replace these containers, they’re still in good condition to serve you for several decades. Even so, some used shipping containers may have sustained extensive damage. They may have water leaks, excessive corrosion, dents, or have cracks and holes on the sides. That’s why it’s important to inspect the overall condition of a used container before buying. Ensure that the container is cargo worthy, wind-tight, and water-tight.

3. Consider the Reputation of Your Shipping Container Supplier

A good shipping container dealer will supply you with quality shipping containers at a competitive price. Given that shipping containers are in plenty of supply, an established container dealer can offer you great prices, especially if you buy containers in bulk. Hence, it pays to buy your used shipping containers from a reputable dealer who has stocked many storage containers for sale.

Additionally, the top storage container dealers offer container modification services such as adding windows and doors, installing storage shelves, and air conditioning. To make your storage container more habitable, you may need to conduct some extensive modifications. Fortunately, it’s easy to customize a storage container without paying through your nose. Some of the common modifications you may consider include insulation and interior décor, ventilation, climate control, and custom doors and windows. Luckily, the top container dealers can modify your shipping containers and deliver them safely.

You can modify used shipping containers to be a permanent or temporary solution for your business. You can modify your storage containers into office containers, pop-up shop containers, or concession stand containers. When buying used shipping containers, consider the size and condition of the shipping container and the reputation of the shipping container dealer. This way, you’ll get a used shipping container in tip-top shape that will have a longer service life.

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