3 of the Strangest Items Found Inside Steel Cargo Containers

There are millions of steel cargo containers across the globe that are used for a variety of purposes. Primarily, however, they are used for shipping goods across oceans. Some of these containers are filled to the brim with all kinds of items like food, tools, and other materials. Standard TEU continuers can even hold approximately 3,500 shoe boxes — that’s a lot of space for shipment.

Not all of these steel cargo containers are filled with standard shipping items, though. There have been some extremely weird and fascinating things that have been discovered inside steel shipping containers. Here are some of the strangest and coolest things found inside steel cargo containers:

James Bond’s Car — The Lotus Esprit, the submarine car that Bond and Anya Amasova used to escape from Jaws and his henchmen in The Spy Who Loved Me,” was found inside a container that was purchased for only $100. The two brothers who purchased the container opened up and discovered a pile of blankets inside — underneath was the famous Bond ride.

“They had no idea how valuable their discovery was,” said Doug Redenius, co-founder of The Ian Fleming Foundation.

The car was sold at an auction in 2013 and bought by Elon Musk for approximately $1 million.

Muse’s Music Gear — Muse is one of the biggest bands in the entire world. They travel the globe with 25 shipping containers, each of which is 40 feet long, full of music equipment. That means that the three-man bad needs to have 25 separate trucks to move all their gear every time they dock. When traveling with that many containers for that long, there are bound to be plenty of guitars, drums, and basses inside containers lost at sea.

Plastic Bath Toys — Bath toys ended up washing up on beaches across the world and they came from shipping containers. The rubber ducks, green frogs, red beavers, and blue turtles can from a Chinese manufacturer dubbed “Friendly Floatees.” There were 28,800 Floatees inside the container that was lost during a massive storm in 1992 over the Pacific Ocean.

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