3 Innovative Shipping and Storage Container Uses

When you think about shipping containers, you probably don’t immediately associate them with anything other than their original use, which is to store and ship various items around the world. What you may not realize is that there are unique uses for a storage container and shipping containers that you may find surprising. Using storage and shipping containers for specialty projects like container pop up shops, for houses made out of shipping containers, and for mobile office containers are fun and unique ways to either promote your business or to live!

Innovative Shipping Container Uses

Container Pop Up Shops

If you are looking for a fun way to promote your business, or a more efficient storefront than a container pop up shop might be just what you need. There are many benefits to a container pop up shop, the first of which is that it can be mobile. Using 40 foot shipping containers for your container pop up shop means that you can easily transport your container to your target market. You can also utilize smaller containers, which makes it even easier to move your business around. They are easy to move and easy to set up, and with a professional shipping container sales business to help you modify your containers, you’ll be able to get what you need for your business. Not to mention the uniqueness of a business run from containers is bound to draw in some curious customers. Another plus of having a container pop up shop is that you can utilize parking lots and dead space to set up your business. Overall using containers for pop up shops can reduce your costs, are quick to set up, and allow for flexibility.

Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container homes and tiny houses are becoming more and more popular. One reason why this is happening is that with the proper care and with regular maintenance, a shipping container can last for an up to 20 years! You would be investing in a new or used container that could potentially be your tiny home for up to 20 years. Modifying houses made out of shipping containers is done in a variety of ways, including adding doors, windows, and skylights, to name a few. A shipping container sales business can assist with finding or modifying containers to be climate controlled containers and can also assist in finding local solar installation companies if you are interested in having an energy efficient home. Another great thing about using containers to build your home is that you can use a single 40 foot shipping container or you can use multiple 40 foot shipping containers to build a larger home. Depending on what you choose, you will also have a home that can easily be picked up and moved whenever you want!

Mobile Office Containers

New and used containers can also be used as mobile office containers. If you have a business that requires you to relocate frequently, perhaps in construction or for various job sites, a portable office container might be just what you need. An office container allows for you to set your business’ office up where ever you need to. It’s also an easy way to add additional office space to your company if you need it, they are also great if you are looking to expand your office to new locations but are not yet sure how much office space is required during the initial setup.

There are many different uses for storage containers, and it can be challenging to know where to start. A business that specializes in shipping container sales and modifications is a great place to start if you are considering utilizing storage containers for an innovative project. They will be able to assist you with finding new shipping containers for sale or help you decide if it is better to buy used shipping containers based on your needs. Having someone there to assist you through the shipping container sales process is very useful, and they can also help you with the modification process, too!

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