3 Creative Ideas for Pop-Up Shipping Container Shops

40footshippingcontainers - 3 Creative Ideas for Pop-Up Shipping Container ShopsIn the age of viral marketing, there are so many creative ways to do businesses. As long as you’re serious about whatever you’re doing, you can have a very successful career. One of the more creative ideas that is changing the business sector is unconventional workspaces. Gone are the days of employees being confined to the physical confines of conventional office space. Portable offices, telecommuting, portable concession stands, food trucks, and other new types of workspaces are taking over.

To that end, many creative entrepreneurs are finding new uses for shipping containers, which are being used for pop-up retail stores, low-income housing, and more.

Imagine What You Could Accomplish With 40 Foot Shipping Containers

There are roughly 17 million shipping containers in the world today, but only 6 million are actually being used. That leaves 11 million 10 to 40 foot shipping containers that are not being used. With the right creative spirit, they could be your next workspace.

Here are some creative ideas for shipping containers for you to consider as you plan your next business venture.

Art Showcase
If you have any artistic talent but nowhere to showcase it, consider setting up your own gallery inside a storage container. For those who enjoy perusing through art galleries, they are probably sick of the same layout over and over again. Mix it up a little bit with a beautiful artistic showcase inside a customizable storage container. These portable structures are perfect for community art shows or installations in public spaces.

Public Market Booths
Rather than just leave all your fruits and veggies, crafts, or artwork outside and risk weather damage, keep them in a controlled environment inside a storage container. You can have plenty of ventilation inside the container and open up an entire side for people to come right up and enjoy your products.

Pop-Up Street Vendor
Whatever product you are thinking about offering, you can do wonders by setting up a pop-up shop on the busy streets of your area. Whether you’re selling food, coffee, or collectable items, if you are doing so in a popular, high traffic area, you’re going to have plenty of opportunities to do business. Pop-up stores always gain a lot of attention on social media, and the shipping container layout will be sure to turn heads — on and offline.

You can use 40 foot shipping containers for all kinds of commercial tasks. Plus, it’s easy to make the simple storage container modifications necessary for whatever creative idea you want to pursue. If you want to learn more about how you can use these storage containers for a pop-up shop or any other type of business, contact Integrated Equipment Sales today.

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