3 Business Trends That Have Increased Shipping Container Sales

Today, businesses worldwide are looking for ways to increase utility and reduce operational costs. One of the main challenges facing small, medium, and big businesses is storage and retail space availability. Lately, shipping containers have been the go-to solution for many companies looking to expand their business. The spike in shipping container sales says a lot about their usefulness in business. Here are some of the innovative business uses that have increased shipping container sales.

1. Shipping Containers Used as Storage Space for Business Inventory

As you grow your business, your inventory is likely to exceed your storage space as you strive to meet increased demand. This presents a unique challenge to your business. On one hand, the demand may not be high enough to necessitate relocating your business to a bigger warehouse. However, you do need extra space for your bulging inventory. How do you increase your storage space without attracting additional warehouse costs? Storage containers — that’s how.

You can use a 40-foot shipping container or a 20-foot shipping container to provide extra storage space for your business. This is enough space to solve your storage challenges. Even if your inventory keeps increasing, you can stack up extra storage containers. If you deal with perishable products, climate-controlled storage containers will provide great options. The increasing need for storage space has fueled shipping container sales across many industries.

2.Shipping Containers Modified Into Retail Stores and Marketing Stands

Your containers supplier can expertly modify and design a retail store, pop-up shop, concession stand, or a mini-mall using shipping containers. Big and small businesses need retail space to expand to new locations or when marketing a new product. Shipping container retail stores are an affordable way for businesses to expand and market their services and products in high-traffic locations.

It’s less costly to modify a shipping container into a retail store. Additionally, portable concession stands allow you to market your business in different locations. You can participate in many trade shows by simply relocating your stand. The affordable cost of modifying shipping containers and their portability makes it convenient for companies to market their products and expand in new locations.

3. Mobile Office Containers

The need for office space has also triggered shipping container sales. Portable office containers are precious to an expanding business, especially those in the construction industry. For instance, if you run a construction company, it’s normal to have projects in remote areas. To smoothen your operations, you may need to have an office near your project site. In such a case, office containers will come in handy.

Businesses across all industries will find portable office containers very useful in their operations. For starters, it’s easy to relocate container offices in case they move. More so, expanding container offices can be convenient since they’re easy to modify. As your business operations increase, you will need extra office space. You can make some modifications or add an extra office without high construction costs with an office container. Today, many companies prefer to install portable container offices as they seek to take their services closer to the customers. For instance, online stores may install several container offices as pick up points for their customers who don’t prefer door to door delivery.

New inventions in our modern economy are all geared towards increasing utility in business. Shipping container innovations have helped solve retail space challenges that small and big businesses face today. You can modify shipping containers to make extra storage space, marketing stands, and mobile offices. The good thing is that shipping container modifications are affordable and quick to complete. Shipping lines, which own 50% of all containers, are experiencing a hike in shipping container sales, as more companies in North America utilize shipping containers to solve their retail space challenges.

When your business needs more retail space, you can always bank on shipping containers. Luckily, shipping container suppliers will help you modify shipping containers to suit your business needs.

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